Thursday, February 09, 2023     

Crystallina White Marble is an extremely dense, Calcite-Based stone that displays a beautiful crystal structure ranging from very small to medium-sized crystals. The density of this marble and the fact that it does not absorb moisture makes it ideal for kitchen countertops, shower panels, and other applications that require a more durable material.

The presentation of the vein structure varies depending on how the slabs are cut from the block. "Vein Cut" is the length of the vein and provides a presentation of longer swirling patterns. "Cross Cut" is across the vein of the block and produces tighter more uniform patterns.

Our inventory includes slabs with thicknesses of 2cm and 3cm. Custom orders can be arranged for shipment from our Grecian quarries to your project location anywhere in the world. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


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