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We have the largest inventory of Thassos White Slabs in the United States

Thassos White Marble is an elegant stone that provides and excellent finishing touch to any discerning project. Thassos marble is pure-white and displays a quartz crystalline structure that resembles freshly fallen snow. This material is quarried only on the Greek island of Thasos.

Thassos White Marble is categorized into quality grades of A Extra, A1, A2, and A3. “Quality” is defined through a combination of the Color of the stone, the Consistency of the crystalline structure, and the Level of impurities (i.e. mineral deposits, inclusions, and veining). A Extra is the “cleanest” quality rating followed by A1, A2, and A3. To ensure your satisfaction, we welcome you to visit our showroom to select your material.

We have the largest inventory of Thassos Slabs in the United States. Our inventory includes slabs with thicknesses of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm. Custom orders can be arranged for shipment from our Grecian quarries to your project location anywhere in the world. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


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